Waterloo chess pieces

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From that fateful day in 1815 the faces of 'Boney' and the 'Iron Duke' gaze across the field of battle. Will the English square prove as redoubtable again or will the French cuirassiers win the day? We recommend playing these pieces on an 18" board. (Board not included.)

Key figures:

Red/light side:

  • King: (4" tall) Duke of Wellington
  • Queen: Lady Wellesley, his wife
  • Bishop: Drummer Boy
  • Knight: Dragoon of the 21st Lancers
  • Castle: Original castle tower at Liege
  • Pawn: Infantryman

Blue/dark side:

  • King: Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Queen: Josephine, his wife
  • Bishop: Drummer Boy
  • Knight: Cuirassier
  • Castle: Original castle tower at Liege
    Pawn: Infantryman

Made from cold-cast powdered marble and resin in Somerset.


Due to being a hand painted artisan product, every set will be unique and your set will vary slightly in colour from the pictures on our website.

These playing pieces look beautiful on our traditional wood boards. A board is not included. We have pictured the antique finish set on an 18" Oriel board (sold separately).