Unmatched Brains and Brawn


Unmatched: Brains and Brawn is the final Marvel set for Unmatched, the hit game of dueling heroes. This set features three of Marvel’s most popular characters: Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, and She-Hulk. Each one has their own unique abilities and style.

Spider-Man uses his web-slinging and spider-sense to move around and avoid danger. Dr. Strange casts powerful spells with awesome names like Behold the Seven Suns of Cinnibus! She-Hulk doesn’t hold back when it comes to throwing things — or people — at her enemies.

The art for this set is stunning, with a cover and She-Hulk illustration by Joshua “Sway” Swaby, a Dr. Strange illustration by The Brave Union, and a Spider-Man illustration by Oliver Barrett, a fan-favorite Unmatched artist.

You can mix and match these heroes with any other Unmatched set, or play the classic competitive mode with the new heroes and maps. As Stan Lee would say, this set is a must-have for true believers!


2 - 3 Players 

Age 14+ 

Medium Strategy | Card Game