U-Boat - 1961


One of the earliest entries in the Avalon Hill "Adult Games" family made in 1961, along with Bismark, Seastrike and Afrika Korps which we also have copies of. 

The basic game pits one U-Boat against one Destroyer. They manoeuvre around each other, with the Destroyer player having limited knowledge of the depth and position of the U-Boat, each attempting to score a critical hit to win the game.

The multi-ship game pits three U-Boats against three Destroyers.


2 Players

Age 12+

Average game time: 60 minutes

Box dimensions: 37 x 29 x 4cm


The first set of rules (1959) came in booklet form while the revised rules (1961) were on a large, folded single sheet. Differences in the rules included where torpedoes could be placed and the damage caused by near-miss depth charge attacks.

The game is complete and is the edition that includes the cardboard, not metal ships and it is in superb condition for its age. Grade 1 under the Hoyle's Vintage Grading System.