Tri-Tactics second edition - 1945-6


A fantastic second edition copy of the British board game Tri-Tactics, by H.P. Gibson & Sons Ltd. Dates from around 1945-6.

This is a game of skill for two players, and the inventor has endeavoured to combine the three games (Dover Patrol, Aviation and L'Attaque) in one great game of tactics, covering the triple services of Navy, Army and Air Force.


The game comes with game board, all 112 cards (56 of each colour), instructions, value sheets, and 120 metal card stands. These are all in very good condition. All highly original.

Box has very little damage, the only being two corners which have split at the seams. the board has a large split on one of the seams (see photos). Grade 3 overall under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System.