The Concorde game - 1976


A great board game by Ideal released in 1976. 

You are about to play a fast moving game based on the supersonic Concorde jetliner. A game which places you in the position of a Concorde fleet manager testing your commercial skill - and providing you with hours of fun. As a fleet manager you collect passengers, organise aircrew, buy fuel at the right price and decide when is the best time to take off. You decide whether to fly at subsonic or supersonic speed and which route you will take to your destination.

Object of the game: To be the player with the most money when the game ends.

You are paid for flying passengers along air routes around the world. You are also paid by other players who fly along your air routes. If you fly at supersonic speed you reach your destination more quickly, therefore you are paid more for your passengers. However, at supersonic speed you use more fuel and so pay double the fuel price.


The box is a bit tatty, especially the lid with every corner having been taped up but the contents are complete and in superb condition, no damage. Grade 3 under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System (see here).