The Royal Game of Ur


A beautifully crafted 'Royal Game of Ur', made from solid oak and walnut wood, complemented by circular totems (seven walnut and seven oak hand embellished with red and blue painted pips). The symbols on the board draw inspiration from the Sumerian Goddess, Star of Ishtar. Branded by hand, they symbolise safety for the totem that lands on it (also granting the player another role of the dice).

1 x oak and walnut board, measuring 24 x 9 x 2.5 cm
1 x oak totems (red pips)
1 x walnut totems (blue pips)
3 x pyramidal dice
1x set of instructions
1 x large cotton bag
1 x small cotton bag for pips and dice

Please note: as wood is a natural material and all these sets are made by hand, there may be some slight variation from the photograph. Each set is accompanied by a 100% cotton storage bag.

Handmade in London.