The Rose Chess set - 1942


"The Rose Chess" was patented on 24th April 1941 by The Rose Chess company of Mrs Mildred Rose of Rofant Road, Northwood, Middlesex. The lead pieces, based on the Staunton design (named "ordinary chess-men" in the patent), are flat with supports at the base for stability.

As far as we are aware this was the second release of this set made in 1942. Due to the bent lettering on the title, the first sets had the title in two straight lines. 

All pieces stamped at bottom with (parts of) "ROSE", "MADE IN"+"ENGLAND" (in 1 or 2 lines) and "P/PAT.5280" - This has heavily faded on most pieces but is still present. 

The King (2.5" tall) weighs 39g 

The whole set weighs 700g 


Complete set with all 32 pieces that are in good condition with expected paint loss due to age. Some are a little bit wonky but all should sit flat on a chessboard. Grade 2 under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System.