The James Bond 007 Secret Service Game - 1966


Created by Spears Games and dating from 1966. 

On an island laboratory scientists have found a formula for manufacturing a sensational new rocket fuel. Your are one of two, three or four secret agents disguised as James Bond who are eager to obtain it. Starting from London, Peking, Cairo or New York and playing your cards skilfully, you may reach the island first and obtain the brief case containing the secret documents. But wait! You have to bring it back to your starting point. Your opponents may with foresight, skill and luck waylay you and seize the brief case, which may change hands several times. All players are kept in suspense until one of them has brought the brief case safely to his base. He is the real James Bond and the winner of he game.

Suitable for ages 6+

2-4 players


The box is in decent condition, with a few marks (Grade 2) and the contents are in excellent condition (Grade 1) under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System. (see here)