The Great Soul Train Robbery


On the road to Hell there was a railway line. An express train to the infernal city of Dis, crewed by Furies and carrying treasure and souls to damnation. You’re going to rob it.

You’re a motley crew of Desperados with mixed motives. Will you claim your prize from the train? Or will you be overcome, damned, or broken by the heist?

The Great Soul Train Robbery is a tabletop roleplaying game, inspired by works like Hadestown, Pretty Deadly, and “The Celestial Railroad” that will help you tell an allegorical Weird West story about a crew of Desperados and their attempt to rob the train to Hell.

The game is designed to deliver a satisfying and dramatic story in a single session of play, lasting two to four hours.


2 - 6 Players 

2 - 4 Hour playtime