The Escalado Speed Boat Race - 1940s


This could possibly be the rarest game we have on hand at the moment. The Escalado Speed Boat Race by Chad Valley, is very similar to it's original counterpart but instead of horses on a green track (grass), this version uses boats on a blue track (river). 

The linen track is attached to a table, the wooden bridges are unfolded and set over the top and the 5 boats are positioned at the start. Bets are then placed by the banker (a nominated player) and the handle is cranked, causing the track to vibrate and move the boats towards the finish line. 

Chad Valley only made this version for a very short period as the horse version was far more popular. The latter went on until the 1970s with metal horses and then revived in again in early 2000s with plastic horses that toppled over. 


Includes the 5 original painted wooden boats, track and fold out bridge. But is sadly missing the staking sheets (these could be recreated). The game has a bit of wear and tear but is in remarkably good condition for its age. Grade 2 overall under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System.