The Addams Family: A Delightfully Frightful Creepy Board Game


The family that plays together, stays together—but since this is the Addams Family, it’s not quite as sweet as it sounds. As members of the Addams Family, you’ll race around the mansion to complete household tasks, from testing torture racks to reading bedtime (horror) stories. As you work towards your ghoulish goals, you’ll compete in Roll-offs with other players, attempting to pull them away from their task and help you with yours.

The first one to finish their chores and make it to the Swamp wins the ghastly game. But beware: your fellow players have a few tricks up their sleeves that may send you to the Dungeon first (or, at least, a few spaces back). May the shrewdest Addams win!


2 - 7 Players 

Age 10+ 

Horror | Board Game