Sportac - 1975

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Get ready for an athletic adventure! Sportac is a retro-style board game that transports you back to 1975 where you and up to 7 friends compete in your very own sporting event. From hurdles to discus, you roll dice and move your tiny athletic figurines along the track and field to collect medals in events like long jump, high jump, javelin and more.

A simple yet exciting representation of an athletics meet, this game captures the thrill and excitement of competition as players strategise to win the most medals. Perfect for sports fans young and old.

There are 36 small athlete playing pieces, representing 14 countries (via flags on the top of their bases and numbers underneath).


The contents are in very good condition, the board and the pieces look excellent. The box sadly has some staining and the colour has started to fade but it holds together well. Grade 2 under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System (see here).