Spicy is a hilariously fun bluffing card game for 2-6 players.

The cards are played face down, so you can cheat when you announce your card. That said, this clever card game isn't just about bluffing for you can almost always play a card that is at least half right if you cleverly play your hand. This means tactically deciding which card to use to get through: Do I play a "Pepper 10" or a colour wild on a "Wasabi 9" and declare it a "Wasabi 10"? Or do I better pass because surely someone has noticed me thinking for so long now?

Spicy contains six game-variant cards, but high replayability is guaranteed even without these.

The cards are illustrated with forty separate pieces of art. In addition, the game box sparkles in chic metallic gold, and the card backs are adorned with a gold-colored finish.


2 - 6 Players 

Age 10+ 

Bluffing | Card Game