Shove Ha'penny


A beautifully crafted shove ha'penny set, complemented by five authentic half pennies to play with - the coins are naturally worn and smoothed providing a lovely glide across the board during play. The board is handmade from solid oak, with a walnut coin stopper - the surface has been hand sanded to a super fine grade, oiled with natural oil to bring out the grain and improve play. Two scoring lanes have been painted with chalkboard paint allowing for ease in chalking up the scores. The nine bays on the board are divided by 1.5 mm deep grooves, which allows for the brass line checker to be used when players are in dispute about whether the coin is within the bay or not. A front oak baton on the underside holds the board solidly in place on a table during play.

Each board is individually numbered on the oak baton and accompanied by a 100% cotton storage bag.The board measures 54 x 30 x 4 cm. Please note: as wood is a natural material and all these sets are made by hand, there may be some slight variation from the photograph.


Handmade in London.