Radcliffe chess board: walnut and maple


Handmade chess board that combines the colours of the sought-after brown of walnut wood with cream maple wood. Its surface has a matte varnish that enhances the richness of the wood tones and provides a smooth texture for the chess pieces to slide with precision.


Walnut and cream maple veneer chess board with cream 'stringing' detail around the playing area and thin outer border. Chess pieces not included.

  • Small 14" (36 cm) board has 1.6" squares (40 mm)
  • Medium 16" (41 cm) board has 1.8" squares (45 mm)
  • Large 18" (46 cm) board has 2" squares (50 mm)
  • X Large 20" (51 cm) board has 2.2" squares (55 mm)

Sizing guide

Looking for a set of chessmen to play on this board? We recommend using the following Staunton pieces for each board: 

  • Small 14" board with a king diameter of 27 - 32 mm – view here
  • Medium 16" board with a king diameter of 31 - 36 mm – view here
  • Large 18" board with a king diameter of 34 - 40 mm – view here
  • X Large 20" board with a king diameter of 37 - 44 mm – view here 

Or take a look at our ornamental chess pieces range here.

Please get in touch if you need any assistance, we're happy to help!