Mobi Kids mathematics tile game


Mobi kids – think of Scrabble and Bananagrams, add some numbers and you're almost there!

This is a simplified version of the Mobi game, designed to get younger children confident with playing with numbers.

Start by making a sum with the coloured tiles – the blue ones are the numbers and the white ones are the operations (there are just two to choose from) add and subtract – and the game starts. You and the team now add on new mathematical equations that link to the first one, ensuring that the numbers work in each direction. The first to use up all their tiles wins the game. You can also play by adding up the total to each equation so that the highest number wins.

Simple to learn and with so many mathematical outcomes, this is a great game to give confidence to children’s number skills.


1 - 4 Players 

Age 4+ 

Learning | Maths