64 Milestones: The Game of Life - 1938


A very early iteration of the classic Game of Life made by John Waddington Ltd in 1938.

The idea of the game is to move around the board as rapidly as possible as a result of the player, or their partner, having or obtaining the cards corresponding with the Milestone on which their Token rests after throwing a dice for movement.
The partners must first join up to ‘get Married’ and afterwards, proceed around the board together to be the first to reach retirement (Milestone 64) – thus winning the game.

The cards match the Milestones' spaces around the game board: 10 Essential Points Cards (with Blue text) and 48 Amenity Milestones Cards (with Red text).
The 6 'gains' and 'setbacks' board spaces don't have matching cards, as tokens are immediately redirected off of the space when they land there.
There are 14 Wishing Bone Cards which can be used instead of most of the Essential Points Cards (The Stork, Bank Manager and Home Cards cannot be substituted).
All cards use the 'light' backs, except the 10 Essential Points Cards which use the 'dark' backs.

There are male and female versions of the tokens and single and double base stands in each colour, so that partners can get married and share a base towards the end of the game. An 'Aunt Lucy' token (white with a black base) is used by an 'odd numbered' player if starting with no partner.


All game elements are present and the cards and box are in excellent condition. The board has a slight bit of tearing to the fold. Overall a Grade 1 under the Hoyle's Vintage Grading System (see here).