Lincard card game - 1950s

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By J. Wolf of Croydon. As new, including duty paid wrapper, and rules booklet. For one to eight people. 49 card pack, including the King - Major - card and 48 suit - link - cards. Aim to form a four-chain pattern when played in correct position. Lovely silk-blue padded hinged box.


What's Lincard?

Invented by John William Wolf in the 1930s, it's a deck of French-suited cards, with a twist: in addition to their number and suit, each card also features four miniature depictions of cards from the same French deck. 

After being dealt a number of cards at the start of the game, players aim to get rid of their hand by linking their cards to the ones already on the table - starting with a King or "Major" card, which represents the Kings from all four different suits. Cards can be linked to adjacent numbers in the same suit, or any one of the miniature cards that appear on a card already played. At the end of a successful game, players end up with a (very satisfying) 7x7 board, centred around the King, which links all the cards together. 

Once you're familiar with the core game, which plays a lot like dominoes, you can move on to another variant. The rules booklet lists a number of options, including "lintoon", "linnap" and "linbrag", twists on classic card games such as "nap" or "brag". The possibilities are endless!


Lincard comes in mint condition in its original packaging, with an unbroken "British Manufacture" seal. So it's a definite Excellent, Grade 1 listing under the Hoyle's Vintage Grading System.