Jaws is a game of two halves. The first ‘act’, the Amity Island phase, mirrors the first half of the movie. The board represents the island itself. The (player playing as the) shark attempts to nibble on tourists. The human characters, meanwhile, try to spot the shark and protect swimmers from attacks in the water.

For the second act, you flip the main board. Now you’re on board The Orca, Quint’s vessel. The ship is sinking, like the latter stages of Jaws. (Spoiler alert! But come on, everyone’s seen Jaws, right?) Now the humans have to battle the shark in a tense, tight stand-off. You’ll have to use action and strategy cards to both defend the poor Orca boat. At the same time, you’ll try to defend yourself from the relentless, hungry shark!

Character and event cards take centre stage, determining player abilities. They also create dramatic in-game actions for both the human characters, and the shark. If humans kill the shark, they take the victory. But if the player portraying the shark manages successful attacks on the Orca, they win! Think it’s safe to go back into the water? Not a chance! All you need is to start humming that famous John Williams soundtrack…


2 - 4 Players 

Ages 12+ 

Medium Strategy | One vs All