Japanese lacquered cribbage board - 1920s


This beautiful little Japanese cribbage board is immaculate. Twin track 25 up by 25 down with the start and finish holes on the centre decorative panel. It has a black lacquered base with three decorative panels to centre, one with inlaid gold flowers and grasses, middle one with a gold feathered arrow, and the other with gold fruits and petals on a vine. Panels and tracks are made of bone (likely cow). 
Pair of white bone pegs and pair of red bone pegs contained in each of two holes to end of board secured by original metal swing closures.
Pegs are original.


Dimensions: 23.5cm length x 7.5cm width x 1.2cm height 


Fantastic, 100% original condition. Grade 1 under the Hoyle's Vintage Grading System (see here).