Hurlingham Croquet set (4 player)


Our Hurlingham croquet sets are superbly made in the traditional style, with regulation size and weight balls.

The mallets

The Hurlingham mallets have cylindrical hardwood heads with brass bound ends and an inlaid sighting line. (The brass binding not only looks beautiful but also eliminates splitting around the edges of the mallet head from off centre shots.) They are perfect for home garden play and well balanced, with an average weight of 2lbs 14oz and a length of 36".

Mallet heads

Made from a dense and tough hardwood called kikar, they’re turned to a traditional cylindrical shape with an inlaid sighting line. The brass rings are heated before being pressed over the ends and screwed firmly in place. The heads are 9 1/4″ long with a diameter of 3″.

Mallet handles

The handles are made from English ash, known for its resilience. The lower half of the handle is turned and the top half is shaped to a positive octagonal shape - the same style as normally used for competition mallets too.


Official croquet rules state that balls should weigh 1 pound each, and unlike the majority of sets on the market, the balls in this set are absolutely compliant!


No quality set should be without one - useful for tenderising steak too!

Hurlingham set contents:

  • 4 x brass bound Hurlingham mallets (each 36")
  • 6 x bent iron powder coated hoops (11mm diameter)
  • 4 x composite balls (Weight 1lb, diameter, 3 5/8″)
  • 1 x 4 colour centre peg with removable pin
  • 1 x hoop mallet
  • 4 x corner pegs
  • 4 x coloured metal clips
  • 1 x laminated colour rules card with both Association and Golf croquet rules
  • 28 page colour rule book with tips and tactics
  • 1 x solid pine storage box with rope handles


Box - L 105cm x W 27cm x H 18.5cm 

Mallets - L 92cm x W 23.5 cm H 7cm 

Hoop Mallet - L 37cm x W14 cm x H 7cm 

Balls - 10cm Diameter 

Centre peg - L 61.5cm x W 4cm 

Hoops - H 44.5cm x W 12.5cm

Corner Pegs - H 25.5cm x W 2.5cm