Harmon chess board: black tulip and root wood with decorative frieze border


Handmade chess board that combines the colours of the elegant stained black of the tulip wood with the pecked cream colour of the root wood. Its surface has a matte varnish that enhances the richness of the wood tones and provides a smooth texture for the chess pieces to slide with precision.

This is the official chessboard from the award-winning Queen’s Gambit series used by series protagonist Beth Harmons in the 1968 Tournament of Champions final in Moscow, in which she faced Russian chess champion Vasily Borgov.

This flat chess board in black tulip and root wood with decorative frieze border surrounding the playing area comes in two sizes:

  • Large 18" (46 cm) board has 1.8" squares (45 mm)
  • XX Large 22" (55cm) board has 2.2" squares (55mm)


    Sizing guide

    Looking for a set of chessmen to play on this board? We recommend using the following Staunton pieces for each board: 

    • Large 18" board with a king diameter of 31 - 36 mm – view here
    • XX Large 22" board with a king diameter of 37 - 44 mm – view here

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