Hand-woven go stone bowls (pair)


Two lidded bowls for keeping your go stones in, both in woven date leaf. These fit any size go stone. (Go stones not included.) These bowls also work very well for keeping our Nuffield chess pieces in! 

Each basket equates to 12 hours of meaningful labour for the artisan team we worked with in Bangladesh to make these.

Production details:

Dried date leaf and straw were collected, divided and cleaned. Once cleaned, the baskets were then hand woven and dried in the heat of the sun.
All the materials used are locally sourced and natural, raw materials, purchased directly from the farmers and producers.

Producer details:

A women-led producer group with a total of over 10,000 producers (of which 99% are women) in Bangladesh, working to empower its members to be economically self-sufficient, socially recognised, culturally empowered, and morally-aware.
All of the producers are from marginalised communities. The artisan group we work with focuses on producer development through work opportunities, education, and health support for the families.