Graded Go Problems for Dan Players 5, 300 Tesuji Problems


In the middle game fight the knowledge for the correct Tesuji often decides about winning or losing. The knowledge about deciding fighting technics is not without cause the difference between Dan and Kyu players. A showing a good judgement is just as a basic as is timing and the designation of the correct destination. But judgement is worthless without technical knowhow, that rest on the knowhow and use of the correct Tesuji - this is true for the whole game from Joseki up to the endgame.
This book presents a systematic collection of basic Tesuji, that every Dan player should know. The books starts with problems on the level of 4 Dan and slowly raises the level to 7 Dan. Only a few Dan players, also the strong ones, know all presented Tesuji. A dedicated study of all introduced problems will not just increase the ability to implement them in ones own battle plans, but also will open new horizons for possible battle as well as deepen the understanding of the game. Also weaker Dan players and one digit Kyu players can profit from this book.


238 Pages