Garden Croquet Mallets


Lots of families have an old croquet set knocking about in the attic or back of the garage, but with half-decent sets costing hundreds of pounds, now is the time to replace those mallets held together with duct tape, those balls eaten by woodworm, that replacement peg which is actually an old cricket stump marked with highlighter pen, or even a proper pine box to put the whole set in.
We have spares and accessories to cover every eventuality.
The mallet handles are made with octagonal-shaped English ash handles and cylindrical hardwood heads. They are robust and hard wearing, although care should be taken not to damage the heads by hard off-centre shots. No Golf swings! They have an overall length of 36” and an average weight of 2 lbs 12 oz.
Dimensions: L 92cm x W 23.5cm H 7cm 
Please note the price is for an individual mallet.