G.H.Q. The Waddington War Game - 1940

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The rarest of military strategy board games. Produced by Waddingtons in 1940 during the 'Phony War', after the invasion of Poland and before Dunkirk.

G.H.Q. is a Strategic War Game for two players, one player representing the Allied Armies and the other the German army. The theatre of War is the Western Front and the territories of countries adjacent to that front, including Neutrals. The Object of the game is to occupy ONE of the two capital cities of one's opponents. The playing pieces are simple flags with pins stuck into different shaped wooden bases, each side having 13 pieces divided into Armoured Corps, Motorised Corps and Infantry Corps.

A superb large game board measuring 72cm x 54cm. 


Historically important and in good condition, Grade 2 under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System (see here)