Franklyn's Novel Patience game (6 Pence Edition) - 1920/30s


A promotional game of Patience advertising Franklyn's Fine Shag tobacco, made from offset litho printed tinplate. There are 35 counters, square, coloured red with a circular depression within which is imprinted a single letter of the alphabet. All are contained in a rectangular tin with rounded corners and of shallow depth.

In the lower left hand corner, a colophon; in the lower right, `PRICE / 6D. Which makes this version much much rarer, we have never seen another with this price mark. 

The full instructions for the game are printed on the underside of the lid. The objective is to arrange the counters by sliding only in the following order: `...SMOKE.../ FRANKLYNS / FINESHAG / ITISGOOD.

Dimensions: 26.3 x 12 x 0.8cm 

Made in England around the 1920-30s were not exactly sure as records are mixed. The V&A holds a copy of this game. 

The counters have some wear but all letters are clear and no bent or damaged ones, the box has had a few squashes and scratches and some loss to paintwork, but lid closes and all complete. Grade 2 under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System.