Flotilla - 1930s


A game of naval manoeuvres for two players. Each player manoeuvres his fleet with the object of occupying naval bases of his opponent to the value of 100 points. Whilst planning attack, defence, must not be neglected, and much strategy is required for manoeuvring to the best advantage.

Differences in strength and speed of the various units of the fleet and in the configuration of the coasts marked on the charts are such that innumerable situations arise, and the game is full of variety.

Each player has 1 battleship, 1 submarine, 3 cruisers, and 5 destroyers and they are PINNED (yep pinned) onto the board to show their location. Bases are captured by ships entering them and they are marked by pins to show ownership. Each ship has a movement value (for example destroyers rate a 3) and in a turn a player cannot move more than 10 points. To resolve battles the teetotum is used.

It has 6 Bs (Battleship) 4 Cs (Cruiser) and 2 Ds (Destroyer). Its is spun and if the letter matches the attacking ships its a hit (submarines always use the letter of the ship they are attacking so they have an equal chance against any ship).

An extremely rare game from the 1930s.


This game is simply immaculate. Good condition, Grade 2 under the Hoyle's Vintage Grading System. (see here)