Everyman to His Station - 1994 (1824 reproduction)


Every Man to his Station was first published as a hand colored engraving in 1824 by Edward Wallis of London. Every Man to his Station has a moral theme illustrated with scenes from everyday country life. There are severe penalties imposed for bad behavior, notably being sent to the House of Correction, and for such misdemeanors as slothful behavior and theft. Rewards are given for charity, hardship, poverty and modesty. The instructions are charmingly written in rhyming verse and explore early nineteenth century life from the perspective of its morality ad social structures.

Every Man to his Station is one of a set of collectible early nineteenth century boardgames from the archives of the Victoria and Albert museum, and this game is licensed 1994 for publication by the board of trustees of the V&A, published by the Historical Games Company, and is an exact reproduction of one of the original surviving 1824 games on display at the museum. A gorgeous social historical piece as well as an insight into life almost 200 years ago.


In very good condition. Grade 2 under the Hoyle's Vintage Grading System.