Dover Patrol - 1955


Wonderful Naval tactics game of skill. This game Dover Patrol along with L'Attaque and Aviation: The Aerial Tactics Game of Attack and Defence were each designed by Harry Gibson along with a more complicated incorporation of all three, a game called Tri-Tactics (see here). 

The board, which supposedly represents an area of sea, is superimposed with a rectangular grid. A Base is shown on two of the opposite edges of the board. The area round each base is protected by a harbour wall.

Each player has a fleet of forty playing pieces. These pieces are rectangles of cardboard which stand upon metal supports. The two sides are distinguished by the colour on the back of each card, red and blue in this case. The fronts of the cards depict various ships, mines and a flying boat. Each piece has a printed value from 1 for a patrol vessel to 10 for the flagship. These values represent the relative strength of each ship and also indicate the type of ship; battle cruisers, light cruisers, etc.. The ships are also named, H.M.S. Lion, H.M.S. Glasgow and so on. The object of the game is to capture the enemy flag and transport it back to one's own base while still retaining possession of one's own Flag.


Complete edition dating to 1955 with original instructions. Grade 2 under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System