DGT chess starter kit


Folding (into quarters) cardboard 17" chess board with wooden effect print and 2" playing squares. When folded, the board fits neatly inside its box, which also acts as storage for the accompanying single-weighted black and cream plastic pieces (3.35" king).

Note that contents vary depending on option chosen:

  1. Board and pieces only
  2. Board, pieces and DGT 1002 clock

(The DGT1002 is a great beginner chess clock - with a large display and clear digits, it's extremely easy to set and use: simply press + or - to set the time and the game can begin! Easy to understand and fun to use. It fits nicely alongside any chess board, due to its extra small footprint with a base that's a mere 4.2 cm wide (length 155 mm, width 42 mm, height 60 mm). It operates on one battery, included.)