Corinthian Bagatelle - 1930s


Corinthian Bagatelle in great original condition from the 1930s. It is made of Finnish Spruce and has hand-painted numbers to pockets as well as its original metal label, 'Corinthian', recognised by Tournament Board of Great Britain.

Includes 7 original steel balls, wooden 'raiser' to raise table to correct gradient, which can be screwed on or off. 

The wooden pusher is new but beautifully hand carved by friends of ours. 


Original outer box is in poor condition but is covered in all the original advertising, including "as supplied to HM King George V". 

No repairs, no missing pins, etc. But it has been drawn on the front and the back has been turned into a make shift Shove Ha'penny board. The wooden silder covering the ball bearing tray is broken in the middle, but this does not affect game play.

Grade 3 under the Hoyle's Vintage Grading System.

Dimensions: 78cm x 39cm