Circus Donkey card game - 1960s


A 1960's copy of Circus Donkey made by Arrow Games Ltd, England. 

The game is for two or more players. There are two "Donkey" cards in this pack, one is a spare so take it out before you deal the cards, face down, to the players. The players look at their cards, take out any two of the same subject and place the face down in front of them. The player on the left of the dealer offers his cards, face down, to the next player who takes any one of them. If this card pairs with one they holds, they place both down in front of them and offers their cards to the next player. The game goes on until all cards are used up.

When a player has paired all their cards, they are out of the game. If "Donkey" is one of the last two cards they hold and they can pair the other card, they pass the "Donkey" card to the next player. The player left with the "Donkey" card is the loser and you can call them DONKEY!

The game appears to be orientated towards children as it is very straightforward and has lovely animal illustrations.


The game is complete with 36 cards (18 pairs) which are immaculate and still very colourful plus it includes the original rules card. The box has a little bit of wear to its corners and a bit of penned writing to the front. Grade 2 under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System.