Catan Junior
Catan Junior
Catan Junior

Catan Junior


Introduce children aged 6-9 to the classic game of trading and development with this simplified version of Catan!

There are no "settlers" around here. Instead, players slip into the role of pirates who build their hideouts all over the islands and set sail to find new places to build more lairs.

Many essential elements of the Catan base game are included in Catan Junior, though with different names: pirates' lairs are built adjacent to islands, and if the islands' numbers are rolled, the players receive resource tiles. The resource tiles depict gold, goats, wood, molasses, and cutlasses.

These tiles are used to build ships and more pirates' lairs or to buy development cards (here called "Coco tiles"), which are played immediately after their purchase.

To launch a new ship, you need wood and wool from goats. And if you want to build a pirates' lair, besides wood and wool you also need a cutlass and molasses.

The robber of the Catan base game here features as a spooky fellow named "Ghost Captain." The Ghost Captain isn't as bad as the robber in the base game though. He blocks the resource production of the islands he is placed on, but that's all - nothing is being stolen.

The die-cut resource tiles included in Catan Junior are very convenient for children, because unlike in the Catan game for adults, the players don't have to hold cards in their hands but can place the resource tiles in front of them.

Catan Junior can also be played as a 2-player game.

Although Catan Junior contains some simplified rules so that 6-year-olds can participate without any difficulty, it is still unmistakably a Catan game, to be enjoyed by adults and young children alike.