Business Game - 1965


The Business Game is a 1965 board game for 2-6 players published by Waddingtons. The game models the economic business of mining tin and gaining profit by transporting it to markets.

Players mine, transport and sell tin in the form of production units. Each player is in control of a pit head with initially a single mining derrick.

Tin is produced, after an initial allocation, at the mine by the role of a die. If this tin can be transported to Newport it can be sold for Sterling at Newport warehouse. This money can be used to pay for more transport (lorries, barges and ships) and a second mine derrick (to increase production).

The game goes through 3 phases. Initially, transport is carried out using lorries. During this phase the aim is to build up your capital and then increase production. After a time players will have enough funds to establish a canal company so then players can start to use barges on the canals. This is more expensive, but can transport more tin more quickly to Newport. Finally the players begin to transport the production units across the sea by either barges, more slowly around the coast or more quickly by ships. Across the sea at Race Bay, St. John’s or Port Boston units can be sold for dollars. Before exporting by sea, a player needs to have acquired sufficient money (sterling) to pay for the transport rental during the sea journey.


This copy is complete and in very good condition. Grade 1 under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System (see here).