Buccaneer 1st Edition - 1938


This is a rare 1938 (First Edition) of ‘Buccaneer’ – the classic family board game by Waddington’s. This edition has always been particularly sought-after because of the linen-backed, roll-up treasure map, and the beautifully crafted pieces of ‘treasure’, which are much heavier and more detailed than in all of the later editions of the game.

In Buccaneer, the players each have a ship which they can sail to Treasure Island and pick up a "Chance Card." These cards contain instructions, either bad ("You are blown to Cliff Creek") or good ("Take treasure up to 5 in total value"). The treasure is placed inside the plastic ship, which can contain up to two treasures, and the player can sail back to home port to unload the treasure, or trade treasure and crew at the other ports.

Players can attack other players' ships during the game and capture their treasure or crew. The number of spaces a player can move and outcomes of battles are decided on the crew cards held in the hand of each player.


First editions of ‘Buccaneer’ are now very hard to find – especially with all of the components present. This game is complete and still has all of the original treasure. It is remarkable condition for its age and is near mint. Grade 1 under the Hoyle's Vintage Grading System.