Badger + Coyote


Badger and Coyote is a pastoral game about finding berries in Miss Hallowtallow's garden. In this asymmetrical GM-less game for two, you will play one, your friend the other. In a cozy duet, you'll take turns describing a scene and a complication that happens. Use each creature's unique skills to thrive each day.

Mischief, survival and friendship await!

Two styles of are play available: Discovering a Story, and Sharing a Story, depending on how the two players want to interact with the story themselves. Discover a Story play method allows one player to take on more of a GM role and guide the story, while Share a Story has the players work together with all the twists and turns.

Includes 40 adventures to get you started on wild journeys through the woodlands and beyond.


2 Players 

1 - 2 Hours playtime