Backgammon games and strategies


This book, illustrated with more than 300 diagrams, illustrations and exercises, aims to turn all casual backgammon players into fully-fledged experts! Written to fill a void - the almost total absence of information on backgammon variant games other than basic 'hit' - usually simply called backgammon in the West. The authors, Basil and Nicolaos Tzannes, find it incredible that Gioul, Plakato and Moultezim still remain a well-kept secret among backgammon connoisseurs. Gioul is the most fun-filled game played on the board - every throw a surprise. Plakato is without doubt the King of Backgammon games. Moultzeim is a serious game for the purist, the consummate space strategist. Players who are unaware of these games are not really fulfilled! Change all that with this book...

Authors: Nicolaos and Basil Tzannes