Aviation Board Game - 1950s


Aviation is an aerial tactics game of attack and defence. Along with Dover Patrol and L'Attaque, Aviation was designed by Harry Gibson (along with a more complicated incorporation of all three, a game called Tri-Tactics).

A game for two players, age 12 plus. Playing time around 60 minutes.

Aviation is played on a board divided into squares: each of the two players has forty-two playing pieces, of which thirty- two represent aircraft, ranging from a squadron of single-seater fighters to Lysander reconnaissance planes and Airships, the remaining ten pieces being Barrage Balloons, Searchlights and Anti-Aircraft Guns.

Players set up the pieces on their half of the board with the backs toward the opponent, thus in theory each player has no knowledge of the initial positioning of his opponent's forces. Two spaces at either end of the board are marked as an Aerodrome and among each player's aircraft are two Troop Carriers... the object of the game is to manoeuvre one of these into the opponent's Aerodrome.


Fair, Grade 3 for the Box and a Good Grade 2 for the board and contents under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System which you can find here.