Autobridge - 1938


Autobridge is a bridge teaching and solitaire playing device. It's a board that can be opened to insert a sheet with cards indices and suits printed on it. The covering board is closed and the hand is played by opening windows. The player decides their own play and reveals the next window to see what the expert recommends. 

Many of these Autobridge playing boards were manufactured in the US under license to the original British patent. This is one of the older, original British made boards, made around 1938.

The board is made from a laminated material that looks like Bakelite, called Textolite and has lovely brass, lozenge shaped sliders which are all complete and in full working order. The front panel lifts off to reveal a selection of 13 paper, double-sided Dealer Sheets and an instruction sheet for beginners.  

Dimensions: 37.5cm length x 27cm width x 1cm thick 


This is a lovely, true vintage piece, perfect for mounting and displaying or for further use and is in great condition for its age. Grade 1 under the Hoyle's Vintage Grading System