Articulate! For Kids mini


Articulate for Kids mini game is just like Articulate - the fast-talking description game, but for kids.

If you know Articulate then you’ll understand this right away: It's the successful household name fast-talking game – but with over two thousand new topics compiled by an educational specialist to be suitable for kids aged 6-12. In Articulate you will need to be as descriptive as you've ever been in order to win. Bring your competitive self out to the table while competing against family and friends - what team will hectically describe and rightfully guess more words before the timer is off? It's an ideal team game for when friends are round – even for big groups (we reckon up to twenty children).

But that's not all. With the question cards featuring the same six categories as in the original, you can easily integrate Articulate for Kids into the grown-up version. So the youngsters can proudly step up to the mark and compete alongside the whole family in one of those sessions of gabbling and gesticulating that only Articulate can provide. It's funny and it's frantic; Articulate for Kids mini game proves that Articulate is the game of absolutely universal appeal.


2 - 6 Players 

Age 6-12 

Trivia | Party Game