Antique Draughts/ Cribbage board - 1840


This antique draughts board dates to the 1840s, crafted from solid mahogany in a hinged box design.

The game pieces are sadly missing, but the board itself remains in remarkable condition, with ebony and boxwood game squares and brass hinges keeping the lid firmly attached. Strangely enough, each side has a six by ten hole cribbage/domino marker, in white bone and ebony. It was most likely used for playing draughts rather than chess, given what the size of the missing game pieces would have been.

An elegant and historical addition to any game room or study, this classic board is sure to be the centre of many friendly games for years to come. 

Overall measurement, 7in x 3.5 in, opening out to 7 in square.


Superb condition, the board has warped slightly as you can see when it is folded but it still opens perfectly flat. Does not include pieces, we may be able to source some. Grade 1 under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System