American import Mahjong - 1920s


A very well presented bone and split bamboo Mahjong set within a slide top wood box Originally this set would have been made for the American Markets in the 1920s as there are 152 tiles and four extra jokers. 

This is a very high quality set as you will rarely see flecks in the bone as they were not made from mutton or similar and they are definetly not ivory. Chinese text to the front of the box 

Box dimensions: 27cm length x 4.5cm height x 17cm width

Tile dimensions: 2.5cm length x 1.1cm height x 1.8cm width


The lid of the box has natural age-related shrinkage along the grain, creating a gap. But otherwise the contents are in superb condition. Grade 2 under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System