Alice Through the Looking Glass chess pieces


Based on Sir John Tenniel's original illustrations for the book Alice Through the Looking Glass, cold-cast and either hand-painted in enamel, differentiated by blue and red accent colours, or stained to give either a dark brown/ivory finish, or a dark red/ivory finish. 

Key figures:

The Wonderland side:

  • King: King of Hearts (3.3" tall, 1.2" diameter)
  • Queen: Queen of Hearts
  • Bishop: Mad Hatter
  • Knight: Dormouse
  • Castle: March Hare
  • Pawn: White Rabbit

 The Looking Glass side:

  • King: White King (3.5" tall)
  • Queen: Alice
  • Bishop: Humpty Dumpty
  • Knight: White Knight
  • Castle: Tweedledum and Tweedledee
  • Pawn: All the King's men

Made from cold-cast powdered marble and resin in Somerset.

The hand-painted set is pictured on an 18" Radley Board, the antique set on an 18" Lady Margaret Hall and the red/ ivory set on a 16" Leckford board (sold separately).