Alice in Wonderland card game - 1952


Alice card game published by Pepys in 1952, based on the Walt Disney film “Alice in Wonderland”.

It is essentially a matching game in which the goal is to collect as many of the 5-card lettered sets as possible.

The game consists of 44 cards – 8 sets of 5 cards each, designated by the letters A through H, 2 White Rabbit cards, and 2 Cheshire Cat cards. You will note that the #1 card in each letter group is the same portrait of Alice herself. The cards are accompanied by a 12-page booklet containing the rules for the game.


An extremely rare Alice in Wonderland card game, an absolute treasure. The cards are in superb condition, no loss of colour. The box is fragile at the lid with one missing flap at the top but the front and back are in good condition. A fantastic collectors item. Grade 3 under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System.