Unstable Unicorns - Nightmares Expansion


This expansion pack for Unstable Unicorns is dripping with your favourite horror tropes and spooks (and of course, lots of unicorns!). This pack includes new Character cards, Magic cards, Upgrade cards, and Nightmare Downgrade cards. So don't go into that creepy house...or do...we can't tell you what to do. But Stabby the Unicorn might be waiting!

12 Basic Unicorn Cards
11 Magical Unicorn Cards
10 Magic Cards
4 Downgrade Cards
9 Upgrade Cards
4 Instant Cards
3 Baby Unicorn Cards
1 Reference Card
54 Cards Total (All Brand New, 34 Unique)


2 - 8 Players

Ages 14+

(Expansion, requires Unstable Unicorns base game to play)