Totopoly First Edition - 1938


Totopoly is a commercial board game, based on the events leading up to, and during, a horse race. Originally published in 1938 by Waddingtons, the game is based on a double-sided board, with each side representing a different half of the game.

This is the very early first edition of Totopoly, dating from 1938. This deluxe version, identifiable by the red/black banding of the board & box, features hand-painted cast lead horses, rather than the stamped, card or plastic horses of later editions.


The box is in very good condition with a small tear to one corner. Includes original cards, dice shaker, eleven mint metal horses, money and score pads. One horse is damaged with shortened legs. Grade 2 under the Hoyle's Vintage Grading System. (see here).