Monopoly - 1950s


The origins of the Monopoly board game go back to the early 1900s and a game called Landlord's Game, invented by an American Quaker, Lizzie Magie. The original idea of the game was to teach children about the evils of property speculation a few years later this was adapted and John Waddington secured the rights to make a UK version of the game and the London Monopoly board was created in 1936.

These sets in question date back to the 1950s with post wartime playing pieces with colourful bases which were made with cardboard rather than metal and the box and board are separate. 


We have two copies from this period available in two different conditions. The first four pictures relate to the best set which is in superb condition, the board has no seam damage and the colours in the set are as bright as the day it was printed. Grade 1 under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System. 

The last six photos are of a set that is in good condition, the board has a very common split down the centre and the only rules sheet with it is for a shorter game, but other than that the contents are in great condition, very playable still. Grade 2 under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System.