Minoru - 1900-1910


Minoru is a British horse racing game manufactured by John Jacques. The six horses are die cast metal painted in different colours to designate racing teams. The large playing surface is folded printed canvas. Named for King Edward VII's Epsom Derby-winning Irish thoroughbred racehorse, Minoru, the game Minoru was a popular parlor game, kept available in the lounge of hotels and clubs as well as in homes between the world wars. 


Includes original instructions, original croupier rake, 6 painted metal horses and racetrack but missing cards and counters. Grade 3 condition under the Hoyles Vintage Grading System (see here). Note that the metal horses here, as in all pre-first war examples, have eyes sticking out from the horses' chests for the attachment of thread to enable them to be used in the earlier mechanical game of Ascot, also by Jaques. (See image