Joseki Revolution - Overthrowing Conventional Wisdom


Go-playing AI programmes have changed the very nature of professional go. In the laf decade since the emergence of AlphaGo in 2016, the conventional wisdom of go has been transformed. Opening patterns previously favoured by professionals of all levels have lost popularity and some have disappeared altogether. Large moyos have lost out to the thoroughgoing preference of AI for actual territory and its skill at reducing moyos. Josekis have been transformed, with 'standard' moves disappearing and their place being taken by new techniques invented by AI.

Even some moves that were previously considered taboo, as being c rude or ineffective, have been reassessed by AI and have earned places in the standard repertory. In Joseki Revolution, Shibano focuses on local exchanges, in contrast to the predominantly whole-boatd focus on fuseki strategy of his previous book, Fuseki Revolution. Even so, the basic nature of go is such that without whole-board judgement, there is no local judgement. Even when you are evaluating a joseki in a corner, a whole-board viewpoint is always essential. Even if a joseki is the theme, you are, in the end, discussing fuseki strategy with a birds eye view of the whole board.